"A guy who chose the path less taken. 

Started from the bottom and makes you appreciate what you've got.

He walks the walk. And you can be sure he always will. 

Someone with the right intentions. 

That cares for what's yours like it's his own. 

It's always WIN-WIN. 


He has doubled, tripled, even quadrupled businesses. 

Although, that isn't just what he is known for. 

You'll see why It's just a side effect of being associated with him. 

And you'll understand the value and value is when you meet him.


He's the right hand man for business owners; many say the "Perfect Wingman". 

When you're down, he'll pick up the pieces and keep you moving forward, grinding in the trenches alongside you. 

The definition of a true leader. And when you're up he'll ensure you stay there (but grounded) and sustain it. 


You've had a dream too. Now it's time to stop at nothing to achieve it. 

It can be a lonely ride to the top but it doesn't have to be. Nor should it be any longer.

Act now. Or pay later. Time is ultimately all we have.

They say actions speak louder than words. The results DPT gets speak for themselves. 

DPT gets the right people to where they need to be. 

He solves and eliminates your roadblocks. 

Connects you with the right people that bring out the BEST in you. 

So the real question is not "Who is DPT?"

The real question is "Who are you and where are you going?""